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Welcome to Heresy!
Event Schedule: (subject to change, if you have any input let us know)

Monday-Abyssea-7:00pm PST
Tuesday-Free Day/Random Event*
Wednesday-Abyssea-7:00pm PST
Thursday-Abyssea-7:00pm PST
Friday-Free Day/Random Event*
Saturday-Dynamis-7:00pm PST
Sunday-Abyssea-7:00pm PST

*will change weekly depending on member access/member interest. (examples of events that would happen on these days would be limbus, einherjar, sea/sky gods, or possibly another dynamis on Tuesday one week depending on attendance and which zones aren't scheduled.[if you have any other suggestions for events you can post it in our forums])

How to apply:

To apply, click the above link saying Forums. From there click on Applications, please read the stickies posted. When making an application please create a new topic in the forum with your character's name in the title. Copy and paste the application template to your new post and fill out the information. 
To be able to make a new topic you will need to create a guild portal account and be logged in to it. 

What we expect of our members:

we do not accept our members having other linkshells (besides one for salvage). You cannot do events with another linkshell. You may have a social linkshell, but you must have your Heresy pearl on at least one hour before event time. If you are online during one of our events you must attend.
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